Sunday, 17 August 2014

The philanthropic work of Nicole Junkermann

As an entrepreneur, Nicole Junkermann spends much of her time focused on her investments and business ventures. For close to two years now, Nicole Junkermann has been an investor in a company called Ziggurat, which offers student accommodation to those residing in Ireland and the UK. Through Ziggurat, Nicole Junkermann currently has property interests in Edinburgh, Newcastle and Dublin.

During 2012, Nicole Junkermann also became an Advisory Committee member for Trilantic. Trilantic is a private equity firm which works primarily with family-run businesses that operate within the energy, financial services, consumer and healthcare sectors. Currently, the company is managing five private equity funds and has capital commitments worth somewhere in the region of $3.8billion. This firm invests in both secure and fledgling market niches, and uses careful debt financing to ensure that their selected portfolio companies can weather economic storms.

Nicole Junkermann
Aside from her business interests, Nicole Junkermann supports a number of philanthropic initiatives. Coming from a multicultural background, Nicole Junkermann has always been passionate about building a fair and more peaceful society and has supported several altruistic projects.. One example would be her involvement with 'Codes of Tolerance', an organisation which encourages people to be more accepting of those of differing beliefs or ethnicities.

Nicole Junkermann has been working on a project with this organisation called 'The Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect'. The goal of this project is to convince those in positions of power - politicians, parents, religious leaders and teachers - to promote and follow a universal set of 'rules' which encourage peace-making.

In addition,Nicole Junkermann is passionate about the promotion of Latin American art. She recently lent a newly-acquired piece of art by Villar Rojas to Jimena Abascal, the NMAC Foundation's vice president, in order to popularise this artist's work.

This year, Nicole Junkermann will also be collaborating with Fundacion NMAC, in order to launch the JJ Collection, an organisation which will provide support to budding artists from Latin American countries. In addition to offering a sponsored prize to one artist, the foundation will also be commissioning another artist for a project. Those who wish to learn more about its launch can do so by visiting the JJ Collection blog.

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